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Date 2019-02-22 00:00:00
Title 2019 Document Screening and Interview Announcement
LOGODI <No 2019-3>
Document Screening Result and Interview Schedule Announcement
Related to the ?2018 International Cooperation Specialist Vacancy Announcement (No. 2018-39)?, the Local Government Officials Development Institute (LOGODI) under the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) is announcing the document screening result and interview schedule as follows.

February 20, 2019
President of LOGODI
□ Number of Interviewees : 2 persons
①1001 Alan 00000 00000 ②1002 Oakley 00000 00000000

□ Interview Schedule
- Date/Time : 14:30~ Friday, Thursday 28, 2019
- Place : 4F, Gwangju, Jeonnam, Jeonbuk Business Lounge, Yongsan Station, Seoul
※Address: 4F, Yongsan station, 55, Hangangdaero-gil 23, Yongsan-gu,Seoul
- Interviewing Method : Individual Interview
※ Only those applicants whose application has passed the document screening will be called for the interview. Interview will be the decisive effect for the
final result.
□ Notice
○ Interviewees are required to arrive at the interview place by 14:20 and to bring identification card (registration card, driver's license or alien registration card)
On arrival, contact to Mr. Park Chan-hee (010.6628.6428).
※ Please, take your registration card on arrival from LOGODI staff.
※ Those who fail to attend the interview will be disqualified.
○ If no candidates are found to be suitable for the job, the position may remain unfilled.

○ For further questions, please call the General Services Division of LOGODI (☎063-907-5014)
※ In case of any unavoidable circumstances prevent the interview plan, new information will be given individually.

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