LOGODI is recognized as one of the foremost training institutes in Korea, and provides mid- to senior-level local government officials with the education they need to apply in their respective areas of expertise. It further conducts specialist training in local administration for heads of local government, local councilors, and other top officials. Every training program is tailored to the needs of its participants and the requirements of each local governments' development strategies. Courses are carried out with the latest instruction methods, and evaluations are taken and assessed for the constant development of each curriculum toward the best possible experience.

10-Month Programs

summary Longer term courses for directors-general, directors, deputy directors, and women officials, to enhance the strategic skills of policy managers and strengthen the capacities of core managers.
Senior Policy Managers Program
For directors-general (Grades 3-4), to cultivate high-level leadership capabilities.
Senior Leaders Program
For directors (Grade 4), to inspire creative and innovative local development.
Junior Leaders Program
Junior Leaders Program For officials in Grade 5, to cultivate mid-level leadership capabilities in finding creative solutions, leading change, and engaging in collaboration and communication
Global Leaders Program
For officials in Grades 5-6, to build capacity for managing international business and cooperation.
Women Leaders Program
For officials in Grade 6, to strengthen the knowledge and skills of women as leaders in government.

New G5 LeadersPrograms

New G5 Leaders Program
summary Develops the required capacity of newly promoted managerial officials, through a six-week program that turns Grade 5 candidates into trusted, creative leaders in local administration.
Content The New G5 Leaders Program is a six-week course for officials scheduled for promotion to Grade 5 to enhance their leadership qualities, knowledge, and skills and facilitate their transition to leadership roles. The program is mandatory as a pre-qualification for advancement.

Policy & SpecializedPrograms

Policy & Specialized Programs
summary Policy & Specialized Programs are three- to five-day courses for local and elected government officials and local public enterprise employees, to enhance ability to implement policy and strengthen expertise in specialized areas. The programs feature the latest instruction methods such as "action learning" and curricula that focus on problem solving.
In human resources development (HRD)...
  • - Instructor Development Program
  • - Leadership Development Program
  • - Foreign Language Program
  • - Communication Skills Improvement Program
In public administration...
  • - Performance Management Program
  • - Conflict Management Program
  • - Gender Equality Program
  • - NGO Collaboration Program
In finance, economy, and tax administration...
  • - Land Registration Manager Program
  • - Local Financial Manager Program
  • - Local Tax Administration Program
  • - Regional Development Innovation Program
  • - Double-Entry Bookkeeping Program
In creativity and innovation...
  • - Customized On-Site Training Program
  • - Senior Local Government Officials Workshop
Many others, including...
  • - Vision Leadership Forum
  • - Local Councilors' Academy Program

Online Training

Online Training
summary Acceissible anytime, anywhere in 250+ subjects covering public administration, public service values, government policy initiatives, job-related expertise,foreign languages, digital competence, and many others.
Below is a look at a selection from these programs.
  • - Administrative Law Program
  • - Civil Law Program
  • - Innovation Strategy Program
  • - Accounting Program
  • - English Program
  • - Public Relations Program