LOGODI Concludes the Two-week Program Designed Exclusively for Kyrgyz Government Officials
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LOGODI Concludes the Two-week Program Designed Exclusively for Kyrgyz Government Officials

Friday, October 4, 2019

WANJU - The closing ceremony was held at LOGODI to celebrate the successful completion of the program, 'Human Resource Management Program in Public Sector'. It was a customized two-week program to assist the Kyrgyz Republic to improve its human resource management system in public sector.

During the program, a total of 14 participants had various HRM & HRD lectures, such as the Korean government’s recruiting system, performance management & challenges, good governance, motivation & incentive programs, electronic HRM system, etc. Correspondingly, participants developed and presented action plans based on the lectures.

Moreover, they had several study site visits such as Gyeonggi Province Government, Sejong Special Self-governing City Government, the Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM), SK telecom Ubiquitous Museum (T.um), Lotte World Tower, etc. Furthermore, Participants experienced Korean culture at Gyeongbok Palace, the National Folk Museum of Korea, Hanok Village etc.

During the closing ceremony, Mr. Park Jae-min, the President of LOGODI, presented a certificate of completion to each of the Kyrgyz government’s officials and gave farewell remarks with a heartfelt appreciation for their sincere commitments during the program. In reply to the farewell remarks, Mr. Sagynbaev Bakytbek, the Acting Director, the State Personnel Service, thanked LOGODI for the rich learning experience throughout the program.
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