The first-ever program for Kyrgyz officials wrap up 2 weeks run
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Date 2018-11-30 00:00:00 Hit 358

The first-ever program for Kyrgyz officials wrap up 2 weeks run

Friday, November 30, 2018

WANJU - The closing ceremony was held at LOGODI to certify the successful completion of the program on Human Resource Management in Public Sector for officials from Kyrgyz Republic.

A total of 16 senior officials from the Office of the President, State Personnel Management, State Committee of ITC, Ministry of Culture, etc. have completed 2 weeks of lectures and site visits.

During their time in Korea, participants had an opportunity to visit Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM) to get intensive briefing on HRM in Korea and Senior Civil Service System, Jeollabukdo Provincial Government, where they shared the best practice of local HRM innovation and had an inspection tour of Civil Service Center.

Last study visit was to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC), which is the host agency of upcoming 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference in 2020 and whose mission aims to build transparent and clean society.

This program was customized to assist Kyrgyz Republic to improve its human resource management system through experience sharing of Korea's development in HRM.

Participants developed and presented an action plan just a day before the closing day, which will be submitted to their government after they return home. Those action plans will be continuously improved as a practical version for the advancement of HRM in Kyrgyz Republic and the effectiveness will be monitored as the following phase of training goes by.
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