Ten-month, long-term programs completed with 400 graduates
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Date 2018-12-13 00:00:00 Hit 361

Ten-month, long-term programs completed with 400 graduates

Thursday, December 13, 2018

WANJU-The closing ceremony for five different long-term programs was held on December 13.
This year, LOGODI congratulated a total of 386 new alumni from Korean local governments for their completion of ten-month programs.

Joined by LOGODI’s President, senior officials, and staff, over 400 people were present at the event to celebrate the successes of the 37 senior policy managers, 114 senior leaders, 140 junior leaders,
28 global leaders, and 67 women leaders throughout their term of training at the institute this year.

A week before the closing ceremony, a special cultural event was attended by the then soon-to-be alumni.

Around 400 performers and spectators took part in the event, which featured congratulatory performances, such as practical gymnastics by local residents from Inseomyeon, harmonic playing, and showcases in
which thirteen different groups from across the ten-month programs showed off their cultural interests and talents.
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