LOGODI welcomes 393 government officials for 10 months long-term programs
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Date 2019-02-13 00:00:00 Hit 331

LOGODI welcomes 393 government officials for 10 months long-term programs

Wendesday, February 13, 2019

WANJU – A commencement ceremony for 10 months long-term programs at LOGODI took place with an attendance of over 400 officials from across Korea.

LOGODI's five ten-month programs for senior and managerial officials from metropolitan, provincial, city, county, and district governments in Korea, separately customized for senior policy managers (87), senior leaders (114), junior leaders (140), global leaders (33), and women leaders (68).

The Minister of the Interior and Safety along with LOGODI President Park Jae-min, presided to welcome 393 trainees and delivered remarks of encouragement.

Minister Kim addressed his wish in his remarks that 10 months at LOGODI will be a fruitful time for the advancement of participant's capacity and leadership.

In the afternoon,
participants left for 3 days retreat for a ' Self -Transformative Training'.
Starting with paying respect to the National Cemetery, each group will spread out to initiate the special program, in which they will reconsider the meaning of this program and share ideas as well as vision for the upcoming 10 months.
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