Palestinian Officials celebrate the completion of three-week training program
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Palestinian Officials celebrate the completion of three-week training program

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Seoul - LOGODI held the closing ceremony of 'Capacity Building Program for HRD Officials and Technicians 2019' at Novotel Ambassador Hotel, Seoul, on the morning of July 25.

The Capacity Building Program marks the third and the last of its kind as part of the establishment of Palestine National School of Administration (PNSA), which was launched in partnership with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS).

Its closing ceremony was attended by major figures from KDS, including Mr. Park Kyung-bae, Vice President of KDS. During farewell events, program participants had an opportunity to share reflections on their experience over the past three-week with LOGODI.

Since their arrival to Korea on July 7, participants attended in a total of 15 various lectures, which covered from the economic development, government innovation and good governance to the specialized training program management and operation. They also made nine study and site visits, including central (MOIS) and local government (SAHAGU) industrial sector such as automobile (HMC), steel (POSCO) companies. Cultural experiences were planned to understand Korea as well.

In his congratulatory remarks, Mr. Park Jae-min, President of LOGODI, highlighted the sincere participation of the delegation and expressed his hope that participant's experience in Korea will motivate them to play a key role for the development of Palestine.

Mr. Ahmed Said Hamad, representative of the group, appreciated the efforts led by LOGODI and KDS to share the fruitful experiences with Palestinian and asked for a further partnership as well as the continuous support to PNSA and Palestine.
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