LOGODI offers the exclusive program, 'Human Resource Management Program in Public Sector' to 15 Kyrgyz executive officials
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LOGODI offers the exclusive program, 'Human Resource Management Program in Public Sector' to 15 Kyrgyz executive officials

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

On Sunday, September 22, Fifteen Kyrgyz executive officials of the State Personnel Service (SPS) and other government agencies from the Kyrgyz Republic arrived in Korea. The group, led by the Acting Director Bakytbek Sagynbaev of the SPS, started the exclusively customized program, 'Human Resource Management Program in Public Sector' with LOGODI. This is the second program that LOGODI specially customized for Kyrgyz central and local government officials in the area of Human Resource Management, in partnership with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Presenting Korea's strategies and development in Human Resource Management (HRM) for the next two weeks, the goal of the program is to support the Kyrgyz government officials to develop and strengthen the administrative capacity and productivity of individual public officials as well as the institutions. In these circumstances, LOGODI also plays an important role in helping the Kyrgyz Republic to develop incrementally strategic HRM processes for its administrative system.

Based on the objectives, the program focuses on the improvement of Recruitment, Training & Education and Performance Management of public officials in the Kyrgyz Republic. For the particular reason, its modules cover the followings: 1) Korea's economic development and the role of government officials, 2) Human Resource Management in Korea, including recruitment, promotion, and career development, 3) E-Government, 4) Case report presentation & action plan, and 5) Korean culture experience.

President of LOGODI, Mr. Park Jae-min stated his wish in welcome remarks that the Kyrgyz executive officials would share Korea's HRM strategies and know-how in local administration and regional development, and hoped that the participants' experiences throughout the program would help them to bring up ideas and insights suitable for the development of Kyrgyz Republic's Human Resource Development (HRD).
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