President´s Greetings

  • "We are committed to diligently fulfilling our role as a pivotal training institute that fosters local government leaders,

  • thereby paving the way for the advancement of Korea's future."


    Since its establishment in 1965, the Local Government Officials Development Institute(LOGODI), under the Ministry of Interior and Safety, has played a significant role in developing central and local public administration development by nurturing key leaders at the regional level.


  • The Ministry of Interior and Safety is diligently working towards realizing a truly decentralized era.


    Furthermore, we are striving to enhance the nation's competitiveness across all fronts through government innovation, which fundamentally reshapes our work processes.


    As a vital bridge between central and local governance, LOGODI is committed to advancing our nation by disseminating and sharing national philosophy and policies nationwide.


    To advance this objective, we will cultivate key executives within local governments to lead in the era of decentralization by thoroughly evaluating educational needs and tailoring the educational system accordingly.


    As we enter an era shaped by artificial intelligence, exemplified by innovations like ChatGPT, we witness the emergence of an unprecedented society. In response to this profound transformation, we are committed to implementing forward-thinking education initiatives to navigate forthcoming challenges effectively.


    Furthermore, LOGODI will advance K-administration and bolster the internationalization capabilities of local governments by training international specialists adept in regional-level exchange. It will maintain ongoing communication with trainees, ensuring the delivery of effective training by overcoming obstacles and refining educational operations. Additionally, LOGODI will evolve into a learning ecosystem, staying abreast of the latest trends in human resource development and developing effective training methods and strategies to become the premier training institution.


    With unwavering pride, we will fulfill our responsibility of  "Nurturing key talents to lead in the decentralization era, enabling people to thrive anywhere in Korea," as we remain steadfastly committed to bear this significant duty.


Thank you.


Lim Sang-Kyu

President of LOGODI


 -  M.A.      in Public Admininstration       Seoul National University      South Korea

 -  B.A.       in Public Admininstration       Hanyang University               South Korea


 - Vice Governor, Jeonbuk Special Self-Governing Province

 - Vice Governor, Jeollabuk-do Province

 - Director General, Safety Management Bureau, MOIS

 - Director General, Local Autonomy and Decentralization Bureau, MOIS

 - Director General, National Center for Crisis Management, Office of National Security

 - Director General, Planning and Coordination Department, Jeollabuk-do Province

 - Director General, Planning and Coordination Department, Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute