LOGODI Empowers the Mongolian Government Officials in Gender Equality
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Date 2024-03-19 00:00:00 Hit 291

LOGODI Empowers the Mongolian Government Officials in Gender Equality

A specialized program will run from March 17th to 24th, 2024, in response to a request from the Mongolian government. This program, aimed at fostering female leadership within the Mongolian public sector, aligns with the government's goals for gender equality.

The National Academy of Governance (NAOG), Mongolia's only legally designated institution for civil servant training and promoting gender equality, has sought to draw upon South Korea's expertise in this area. Therefore, LOGODI has responded to NAOG's request by customizing a training program focused on key areas such as Korea's gender equality policies, leadership case studies, mentorship models, and establishing plans for women's leadership development.

In 2002, LOGODI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NAOG to strengthen the capacities of Mongolian civil servants. The renewal of this MOU last year underscores the ongoing commitment to this partnership. Over the years, 22 training courses have been conducted, benefiting 348 participants and covering topics such as government innovation, short-term training development, and human resources development.

Since 2000, the LOGODI has been actively conducting capacity-building courses for local public officials across 89 countries, including Vietnam, Mongolia, and the Philippines. Through 219 courses completed by 6,719 individuals, LOGODI has played a crucial role in enhancing global governance capabilities.

Ryu Im-cheol, the president of LOGODI, expressed confidence in NAOG's ability to utilize Korean expertise in civil servant training. He emphasized the significance of tailored training programs in enhancing the capabilities of Mongolian female civil servants, ultimately contributing to the nation's development goals. He reaffirmed the commitment to international training collaborations to support partner countries' capacity-building endeavors.

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