LOGODI shares South Korea's Experience in National Balanced Development with Mongolia
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Date 2024-05-29 00:00:00 Hit 170

LOGODI shares South Korea

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety's Local Government Officials Development Institute(President Lim Sang-kyu) announced on the 29th that it held an entrance ceremony for the "Capacity Enhancement Program for Mongolian NAOG Professors and Public Officials.“

This training initiative, spanning from May 29 to June 5(8 days), is a response to a request from the Mongolian Prime Minister's Office and targets 17 professors and public officials from the Mongolian National Governance Academy (NAOG), which is an educational institution for central and local government officials in Mongolia. It is being jointly conducted with the Jeonbuk International Cooperation Agency.

The Mongolian government is showing keen interest in benchmarking experiences and know-how through the sharing of overseas best practices to tackle urban issues resulting from population concentration in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Presently, it is advancing new city development and government agency relocation projects near the capital.

In accordance, the Mongolian government has requested the establishment of a training program for NAOG professors and public officials to grasp South Korea's national balanced development and local government relocation policies, alongside conducting field visits to exemplary cases.

LOGODI has tailored a customized training program to reflect the Mongolian government's requests, focusing on strategies for regional balanced development and enhancing the teaching capacity of Mongolian public officials.

In the lecture on "National Balanced Development and Local Government Relocation," the program introduces South Korea's policies on creating innovative cities and shares experiences of local government relocation, aiming to help Mongolian officials understand the role of public officials in achieving successful national balanced development and local government relocation, and discuss applicable cases for Mongolia.

In the "Capacity Enhancement for Professors" session, the program will furnish insights for broadening Mongolian policy education through sharing South Korea's experiences in policy education for public officials, thereby contributing to the enhancement of teaching capacity through diverse teaching methods and practical exercises. Additionally, participants will receive briefings on regional balanced development and the development status and future plans of Sejong Special Self-governing City through visits to institutions such as the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements and the Sejong City Integrated Information Center.

This training endeavor is underpinned by the collaboration between the LOGODI, a specialized training institution, and the Jeonbuk International Cooperation Agency, an expert entity in international cooperation, envisaging even greater synergistic effects in terms of training operations, subsequent to their agreement on "International Training Cooperation" on February 7, 2024.

In April, at the request of the Mongolian government, LOGODI conducted a capacity enhancement course for 23 Mongolian village chiefs, thereby contributing to the successful implementation of the Mongolian government's long-term development policy (Vision 2050, 187 projects in 9 sectors).

President Lim Sang-kyu of the LOGODI remarked, "South Korea's endeavors in fostering national balanced development through the construction of Sejong Special Self-governing City and local innovation cities have resonant backgrounds to Mongolia's initiatives in new city construction and relocation of public institutions." He further added, "We are committed to ensuring that this training program can serve as a cornerstone for the successful realization of Mongolia's national development policy, by disseminating South Korea's experiences in regional balanced development and policy education."
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