LOGODI Initiated Its Training Journey to Cultivate Key Leaders in Local Governments
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Date 2024-01-29 00:00:00 Hit 300

LOGODI Initiated Its Training Journey to Cultivate Key Leaders in Local Governments

On January 29, LOGODI held a joint entrance ceremony for the long-term training program for 367 participants.

The "long-term training program" consists of five courses: Senior Policy Managers Course, Senior Leaders Course, Mid-level Leaders Course, Women's Leaders Course, and Global Leaders Course, targeting senior and middle-level. (G3 to G6)

Trainees of this 10-month running program will receive customized education for 10 months (January 29 to November 22) to enhance the competencies required for their respective ranks and positions.

Ryu Im-cheol, the president of LOGODI, stated, "We have solidified the core national governance philosophy, national policy issues, and leadership competency education to develop key talents who will lead the era of prosperous local governments.

In particular, Minister Lee Sang-min of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) emphasized through a video message, "To open an era of local governments where anyone can live in any region of the country and have fair opportunities, it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of local governments."

\He also stressed that "Since the participants are leading local governments and the experts in local administration who have rich administrative experience for decades, through the 10-month education, become key talents in local governments who can read the trends of the times and lead changes and innovations."

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