Global Leaders Program

Global LeadersProgram

Global Leaders Program
summary The global leaders Program is a ten-month program that seeks strengthen and expand the global awareness and communicative abilities of local government officials in Grades 5 and 6.
Content Launched in February 2016, the program is a response to the increased international activity among local governments and the capacity building of local government officials with expertise as managers of these relationships. Since then, it has been based on an innovative, constantly developing curriculum, which has featured mini-programs within the program, job shadowing at a local government in the US, and self-directed policy study.
Curriculum 10 Months (1,428 Hours)
Curriculum 10 Months (1,428 Hours)

Basic & Intensive English

Basic & Intensive English Global Training Global Mind-Set & Sensitivity Job-Related Capacity Personal Development & Values Other
333 H 310 H 217 H 132 H 277 H 159 H
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Business English
  • G-PEPS
  • National Policy Initiatives
  • Global Mind-Set & Sensitivity
  • Public Service Values
  • International Meetings & Events
  • International Exchange
  • Foreign Investment
  • Key Government Policies
  • Self-Transformation
  • Global Homecoming
  • Graduation Academy
  • Physical Education
  • Arts
  • Policy Self-Study